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Senate Sewing Machine ExportMay 17, 2004

Here is another shot taken at Senate Sewing Machine Export and a little Flash slideshow.
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Photo Friday: PartsMay 16, 2004

Senate Sewing Machine Export was just a few buildings away from my office on 25th Street. Many times, I looked through the dirty windows and imagined the old sewing machines were sharing their life stories when they were young, just like old ladies in a nursing home.

It was a cold, sleepy afternoon, early in March. I was walking to a deli around the corner for a cup of coffee when I saw a couple dozens of sewing machines lined up on the sidewalk. I snapped a few shots with my T4. Having some twenty exposures left, I decided to stick my head inside the shop and ask if I could take some pictures. The men smiled and welcomed me in.

Izzy, who brought in an old sewing machine for Soto to repair, gave me a quick tour around the place like it was her own. I followed her around, finished the roll while she explained how amazing each of the machines was. They were old, beautiful and probably had many stories to tell. I wished I had my SLR and a couple more rolls of film with me. Next time, I thought.

A few days later, they were gone.

Here is a larger image of the Singer Double-Stitch machine. I'll post a few more images from this roll soon.

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X-Processed: FlowersMay 15, 2004

I took this short while walking pass a seminary on 20th street. It would probably come out quite nice with straight E-6 process too.
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X-Processed: FlatironMay 14, 2004

After all these years, walking pass the Flatiron Building almost everyday, I still think it is a very interesting building.
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X-Processed: CSFBMay 13, 2004

Considered an Art Deco masterwork, this is one of the beautiful corner arcades of the Credit Suisse/First Boston Building, built as Met Life North Building in 1929. This shot was taken at the corner of Madison Avenue and 24th Street.
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X-Processed: More WineMay 12, 2004

April Showers Means Drink More Wine, the sign said. I walk by Mr. Wright, wine and liquor store on 3rd Avenue, on the way home every night. He always catches my eyes. I have a few more shots of this guy somewhere in the pile as regular E-6 processed slides. Though, I like the color on this one better.
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X-Processed: ManexMay 11, 2004

This shot on my first cross-processed roll came out more like what I expected, greenish. I took this shot while waiting for my lunch at Johnny's, right next to this shop on 25th street. They manufacture display forms and mannequins.
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X-Processed: Window DisplayMay 10, 2004

I just got my first x-processed roll back from the lab today. I decided to try out fredrik's favorite combination, Kodak Elite Chrome cross-processed to C-41. This was scanned from the negative.
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Upper Level ParkingMay 09, 2004

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Spring RainMay 07, 2004

Most people probably wouldn't mind having nice and sunny weather every single day. I have to say, I really enjoy having a gray and rainy day from time to time. It made me calmer and able to think thoroughly. Beside, walking in the rain, sharing an umbrella with a love one is quite romantic.
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One Brave SquirrelMay 06, 2004

I saw this little squirrel at Madison Square Park on my way to work. I was surprised that I was able to get that close with the 35mm lens on my T4. It didn't move an inch.
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Terminal 7 OverpassMay 05, 2004

I had never really liked the greenish cast from fluorescence lights but for this shot, it seemed to be a compliment. This was taken while I was crossing over to terminal 7 at the JFK airport from the Air Train.
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JFK Air TrainMay 04, 2004

Walking around with a camera, taking pictures of everyday things probably made me look like a tourist to many New Yorkers. Though, I've gotten used to it. But, it was funny when many tourists on the Air Train gave me that "what was so interesting about that?" looks.
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Air Train LobbyMay 03, 2004

Finally, I had a chance to take the Air Train to JFK airport for the first time. I took this shot at the Air Train lobby in Queens on the way to pickup my girlfriend, a couple weeks ago.

I had thought about playing around with multiple exposures but never gotten around to it. I shot the first two frames of this roll in the EOS-3 the day before. That morning, I didnít feel like lugging along the SLR, so I took it out and put it in the T4 instead. The result was quite interesting. I will have to try the entire roll next time.

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Baskets of FishApril 28, 2004

There wasn't any plastic wrapped foam tray to be seen, just good old baskets.
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Dragon Fruits

I saw these interesting looking fruits at Choke Chai 4 market, dragon fruits, a friend said.
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National Museum: Phra BuddhasihingApril 24, 2004

Before we left the National Museum, we visited the beautiful Buddhaisawan hall, housing Phra Buddasihing, a golden Buddha statue. The amazing mural is supposedly the oldest mural in Bangkok.
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National Museum: Garuda

Garuda, half-man and half-bird, is one of the well known mythological creatures. This is part of a royal funeral chariot on display at the National Museum, Bangkok.
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Hau Lamphong IVApril 23, 2004

I only took a few shots in color while we were at Hau Lamphong as everything seemed to look better in B&W. Though, the yellow train caught my eyes.
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Homage to the King IIApril 22, 2004

It was almost 9pm when my girlfriend told me we were going to visit King Chulalongkorn statue after a dinner with friends in Chinatown. Do people go at this hour? I asked.

We arrived just about midnight after a nice dinner and a quick stop for some flowers at Pak Klong Talad. To my surprise, there were so many people with flowers, candles and joss sticks paying homage to their beloved, long deceased King Chulalongkorn.

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Homage to the King I

Joss sticks in one hand, a candle in another, this little girl knew what she was doing.
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Pak Klong Talad IIIApril 21, 2004

Before our visit to King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) Statue, we made a quick stop at Pak Klong Talad, a wholesale flower market in Bangkok. We bought some candles, joss sticks and a huge bunch of flowers.

The market opens around 9pm and closes before dawn. This is where retail flower shops get their flowers.

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Pak Klong Talad II

I did not see the woman on the right when I took this shot at the flower market. Maybe, she had that t-shirt on just for some stranger with a camera in his hand.
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Pak Klong Talad I

Here is another shot taken at the flower market.
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Jatujak Market: Basket PlantsApril 16, 2004

I took this shot at the same place as the pink orchids in the previous entry. These little plants in hanging baskets were so cute and the owner did not mind I was taking my time framing the shot. I bought three of them for my girlfriend's mom.
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Jatujak Market: Pink Orchids

I saw these lovely pink orchids on our way out of the market. I wish I had the macro lens with me. On the other hand, switching films and lenses in the crowded market while carrying bags full of stuff, would not have been fun. I tried to get as close as I could with the Yashica T4 Super.
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Jatujak Market: Ice Cold Drinks

I could find a stand selling cold drinks at almost every turn in the market. That was one thing I didn't think they could have too many of. Walking around in that kind of heat, I had about three bottles of ice tea in a couple hours we were there.
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Jatujak Market: Noise MakersApril 12, 2004

I was trying to frame this shot and counting the number of frog I should adopt when my girlfriend called me over to help her pick summer clothing a couple shops down. A few turns and three shopping bags later, I realized I could not find my way back to that little shop. I came back with only a picture. Tomo, I hope you enjoy this one.
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Late Night Tuk Tuk RideApril 10, 2004

After late dinner in Bangkok's Chinatown, my girlfriend suggested taking a tuk tuk to Siam Square to catch a train back home. Had not been on one for quite a long time, I was more than happy to hop on.
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Street Food: KaoladApril 09, 2004

We saw at least a dozen of venders selling roasted chestnut in Bangkokís Chinatown that night. Some of them even had their stalls setup right next to one another only to yell at their competitors and brag about how much better their chestnut was. Why couldnít they setup their stalls a bit farther apart? I simply didnít get it.
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Street Food: PatongkoApril 08, 2004

One thing I miss most about Thailand is street food. This is my most favorite breakfast, a crispy cruller. A couple of these and a cup of coffee cost about a quarter, yummy!

I'll be posting many more of the images taken during my two-week trip to Thailand.

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Street Food: Somtam

This is a street food vender selling papaya salad and grilled chicken, usually served with sticky rice.
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Street Food: Mooping

This is a street vender selling pork on skewers, usually served with sticky rice.
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Street Food: Kuychai

This is another one of my favorite Thai's street food, Kuychai. I'm not really sure how to describe it. It has a sticky flour shell with various fillings to choose from. My favorites fillings are chive and bamboo shoot. It's fried until golden brown and crispy.
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Photo Friday: MorningMarch 24, 2004

Beside great breakfast and lunch at Johnny's, Johnny himself is always a great fun to chat with.
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Lehman BrothersMarch 19, 2004

Every time I walked by this building in Times Square, at least, one person was taking its picture. I didnít see any shutterbug last Friday, just thought I would fill in.
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W. SpencerMarch 16, 2004

Your voice made the night sweeter. You made it worthwhile, being here waiting for the subway at this hour. Thanks you!
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Photo Friday: CleanMarch 15, 2004

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Five Buck MinisMarch 13, 2004

This is the last image I'm posting from the first roll on the dug up Yashica T4 Super. I will post more B&W images from Carl Schurz Park taken last weekend tomorrow.
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Heading Home IV

I'm posting three more images I took on the way home on the T4. This is New York Life building taken from 25th Street and Broadway.
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Heading Home III

I'm posting three more images I took on the way home on the T4. This is Met Life building taken from Madison Square Park.
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Heading Home II

I'm posting three more images I took on the way home on the T4. This is Met Life building taken from 25th Street and Broadway.
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Heading Home IMarch 12, 2004

I'd been thinking about getting a good compact sized camera for my trip at the end of the month. Over the weekend, I exchanged a couple of e-mails with e.ku. When asked about the cameras he used, he sent me a link to his SEAEK series, photographs taken when he traveled through South East Asia with Lomo LC-A and Olympus Stylus Epic. His images are just simply beautiful.

Big thanks to e.ku! I decided to dig up my Yashica T4 Super, a point and shoot camera, and give it another try. I bought the T4 years ago after reading a few reviews about how great it was. I only put a few rolls of film through it because I had such a hard time framing with a small viewfinder. Yes, it was easy to just blame a camera.

I dropped in a roll Provia into the T4 and put it in my pocket Monday morning. For a few days, I took random shots on the way to work and back. When I got the film back from the lab today, it was a great surprise. The slides came out much better than I expected. Well, you be the judge.

Iíll continue to post more images from Carl Schurz Park shot over the weekend in the next couple days. For now, Iím just a bit too excited about rediscovering the T4.

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Coffee Break

This window is just across my office building, taken with Yashica T4 Super on my way to get some coffee.
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Heading to work II

I shot this walking through Madison Square Park on the way to work with Yashica T4 Super.
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Heading to work I

Here is another image of Empire State Building shot with Yashica T4 Super.
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