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Sweet AfternoonMay 23, 2004

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Little White FlowersMay 22, 2004

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IvyMay 21, 2004

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All MineMay 20, 2004

Even with two balls in his mouth, sharing was not in his mind.
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Cooling OffMay 19, 2004

It was a warm Sunday afternoon. After having had so much fun with little friends in the dog run, getting splashed down with cold water was quite refreshing.
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Catch MeMay 18, 2004

Carl Schurz Park is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon. With a good book and a bottle of water, I could be there for hours. Besides, It probably is a good place to practice my panning technique too. I will have to try slower shutter speeds next time.
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Paul's ConcessionsMay 02, 2004

Although, I had never made a plan going to a street fair but every time I came across one unexpectedly, I couldn't resist browsing around. This shot was taken at the street fair near Washington Square Park a few weeks ago.
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Photo Friday: NaturalMay 01, 2004

Being natural in front of a crowd isn't something I'm good at. Actually, there were many embarrassing incidents that I'm not willing to share.

On the first Saturday back in NYC, knowing there were countless hours on a computer waiting the coming Monday, I refused to think about it. Instead, I loaded the EOS-3 with a fresh roll of film and headed downtown.

After walking a short stretch of street fair, I ended up in Washington Square Park. Songs after songs, I sat, enjoyed the beautiful afternoon and good old blues. Soul Man was one of my favorites that they played. Life in front of the computer was a world away. Not accepting any donation, I got them a few bottles of water from a vender nearby, the least I could do.

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Kwan Yin Temple IApril 29, 2004

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Kwan Yin Temple II

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Kwan Yin Temple III

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Choke Chai 4 MarketApril 28, 2004

Like any big city, air-conditioned modern supermarkets had taken over. There weren't too many of these old-fashion markets left.
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Temple Ruin IApril 27, 2004

There were so many beautiful temple ruins in Ayudthaya. We only had enough time to visit one of them before hurried back to Bangkok. It was around 6pm when we got there and all the gates were closed.
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Temple Ruin II

It would have been wonderful walking around the ruin but it was still quite impressive even from outside.
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Rushing for the Market

The street vender hurried along the paved road as the sunlight was quickly fading. He was probably heading for the night market.
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Lonely BoatApril 26, 2004

As we were leaving Wat Pananchoeng, I spotted this lonely boat docked at the pier.
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Wat Pananchoeng's Pier

Here is another shot taken from Wat Pananchoeng’s pier.
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Wat Pananchoeng: Laung Pho To IIApril 25, 2004

Overheard a conversation of my girlfriend and her best friend talking about a short trip to Ayudthaya, eagerly hoping to get out of Bangkok, I loaded the two cameras with fresh rolls of film before she hung up.

We arrived at Wat Pananchoeng a Buddhist temple in Ayudthaya, late in the afternoon. I managed to snap quite a few pictures, before we headed back to Bangkok.

I’ve already posted another shot of Laung Pho To, a 62 feet tall golden Buddha statue, on my first day back.

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Wat Pananchoeng: Preparation

At peace with himself and his surrounding, the man lighted up his candles one by one preparing his prayers. On the opposite side, I watched my girlfriend closely, not knowing how many joss stick and candle I was supposed to use.
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Wat Pananchoeng: Meditating Statue

Eyes closed in mediation, was one of several smaller Buddha statues surrounding Laung Pho To in the grand hall at Wat Pananchoeng.
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Wat Pananchoeng: Jikong

Sat proudly among Buddha statues, this was one of many Chinese God and Goddess statues at Wat Pananchoeng.
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Street Food: Sai Krog EsarnApril 20, 2004

We had a late lunch in Tha Chang market after we left Wat Mahathart. This woman was selling a North Eastern style sausage. Too bad, I only saw it after we finished our lunch. I was too full to have any.

I still can't decide whether or not I should submit an entry for this week Photo Friday's Challenge: Self-Portrait. I kind of like the idea but I can't stand the typeface. Where are all the To Go signs when I look for one?

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Wat Mahathart: Guardian LionApril 19, 2004

This was one of the guardian lions on the sides of the stairs leading up to the Wat Mahathart’s grand hall. I also took another shot of this in color, but I liked this one better because of the shallower dept of field.
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Wat Mahathart: Row of Buddha StatuesApril 18, 2004

After asking for a special permission, we were allowed into the grand hall area of Wat Mahathart, a Buddhist temple in Bangkok. There were probably over a hundred Buddha statues lined up around the hall.
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Wat Mahathart: Buddha Statue

This was one of the Buddha statues lined up around the grand hall in Wat Mahathart.
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Jatujak Market: AccessorizedApril 15, 2004

There were shops after shops selling hand-made jewelry in Jatujak Market, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, you named it. Many were selling similar but not quite the same things.

It wasn't easy shopping there, so many beautiful things to choose from. Beside, I didn't want to kick myself in the butt finding nicer and cheaper ones in the next shop. At the same time, there was a good chance not finding my way back to that special little shop again if I kept browsing. I ended up buying them at first sight. Good thing I only needed a couple of bracelets as gifts for my best friends' nieces.

No, I did not know the woman in the picture. She was just another dazzled shopper trying to make up her mind.

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Jatujak Market: Buffalo SkullsApril 11, 2004

While I found the shape and form of a buffalo skull to be interesting, I never fancied having one hanging in my apartment.
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Photo Friday: AtmosphereApril 07, 2004

Hi there! I just landed at JFK this morning, nice to be back... at least weather wise anyway.

This is a huge and widely respected Buddha statue in Ayudthaya called Laung Pho To, taken during my trip to Thailand.

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Taking OffMarch 24, 2004

I will be leaving early in the morning... going away for a couple weeks. Hopefully, I will have some good photos to share. I will see you then. Thanks for stopping by.
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Believe in SpringMarch 18, 2004

I took this shot just about two weeks ago strolling though the Central Park. It was almost 60°! These skaters were out enjoying the weather, skating, dancing to the music.

Spring is just around the corner. But, it seems like we're getting two more days of snow, for now.

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Guard DogMarch 09, 2004

Walking through Central Park over the weekend, I saw this little guy was just sitting there quietly guarding the bag by himself.
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Doll Hair SalonMarch 08, 2004

My girlfriend had to do a research on American Girl Place's customer service. I tagged along. This is where you can bring your American Girl dolls to get pretty up. They even have a doll hospital in case you break a leg or two.
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DrummersMarch 07, 2004

The weather was beautiful and these two men were just having a great time. It was a nice walk through the Central Park.
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A View from the Empire State BuildingMarch 06, 2004

Once in a while, I get to do a tourist thing. This shot was taken over the holidays last year when my brother came to visit from Montreal.
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