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National Museum: NagaApril 24, 2004

Naga, a great sea serpent is another well-known mythological creature. This is also part of a royal funeral chariot on display at the National Museum, Bangkok.
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National Museum: Cannon Carriage

At some point, there was a cannon mounted on this carriage.
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Hau Lamphong IApril 23, 2004

We went by Hau Lamphong, a train station in Bangkok, thinking of taking a short trip out of the city. Too bad, we couldn't find any that would fit our schedule.
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Hau Lamphong II

A train ride has always been my first choice getting to places. For some reason, I feel most relax on a train.
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Hau Lamphong III

I didn't think she was looking for anyone in particular. Her presence surely made this shot more interesting.
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Keeping DryMarch 20, 2004

After I waited a while for the rain to stop, the sound of raindrops became music. The ugly scaffolding above my head was beautified by the small light bulb.
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Just Another ReflectionMarch 17, 2004

I just love that earthy smell after the rain. Having to get that close to the ground with a 20mm was a good excuse.
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Stairs IIIMarch 14, 2004

I'm posting three more images taken last weekend. This one looks down East End Avenue, taken from the promenade.
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Stairs II

I'm posting three more images taken last weekend. These stairs lead to the promenade. I actually thought about submitting this one for Photo Friday's Perspective.
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Stairs I

I'm posting three more images taken weekend. These stairs are located at the entrance of the Carl Schurz Park.
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Park Bench IVMarch 11, 2004

More park benches, this row is located at the entrance of the Carl Schurz Park.
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Park Bench III

This is another angle of the benches on the promenade.
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Photo Friday: PerspectiveMarch 10, 2004

The sun finally came out after it had been raining on and off all Saturday morning. I decided to drop a roll of Scala in my EOS-3 and take a short walk to Carl Schurz Park for my first Photo Friday entry.

This was my favorite spot on the promenade. I kept going back to take pictures of these park benches. It started to rain again just before I pressed the shutter for this shot. You might be able to see the raindrops on the benches in the larger image.

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