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Mom's Little GardenApril 30, 2004

We didn't go out on the last day of my trip. My girlfriend and I helped her mom with chores around the house and just talked. I took these pictures around the garden while helping her mom watered the plants and flowers.

Tomo has posted series of beautiful flowers on her photoblog a few days back. Beside the lovely flowers, I like the way she has her slideshow in a popup window. Click on the image above to launch a little Flash slideshow. Thanks, Tomo!

This is my last post for the images from my trip to Thailand. I will start to post images around NYC again tomorrow.

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Photo Friday: DiscoveryApril 14, 2004

It might not have been a discovery to most people. However, I havenít seen one of these living in NYC. Maybe, I havenít looked hard enough. When I saw this little guy while helping my girlfriendís mom watering plants around the house during my stay in Bangkok, I hurried up stair, replace the half shot roll of Scala in my EOS-3 with a fresh roll of Provia, popped in macro lens and ran back down. I was glad he did not go very far.
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