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Appellate Division Courthouse IMay 31, 2004

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JumpMay 30, 2004

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FluffyMay 29, 2004

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Turtle Pond IIMay 28, 2004

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Turtle Pond I

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Rusty RailMay 27, 2004

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Garden ShedMay 26, 2004

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DandelionMay 25, 2004

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Sixteen Twenty FiveMay 24, 2004

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Sweet AfternoonMay 23, 2004

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Little White FlowersMay 22, 2004

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IvyMay 21, 2004

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All MineMay 20, 2004

Even with two balls in his mouth, sharing was not in his mind.
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Cooling OffMay 19, 2004

It was a warm Sunday afternoon. After having had so much fun with little friends in the dog run, getting splashed down with cold water was quite refreshing.
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Catch MeMay 18, 2004

Carl Schurz Park is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon. With a good book and a bottle of water, I could be there for hours. Besides, It probably is a good place to practice my panning technique too. I will have to try slower shutter speeds next time.
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Senate Sewing Machine ExportMay 17, 2004

Here is another shot taken at Senate Sewing Machine Export and a little Flash slideshow.
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Photo Friday: PartsMay 16, 2004

Senate Sewing Machine Export was just a few buildings away from my office on 25th Street. Many times, I looked through the dirty windows and imagined the old sewing machines were sharing their life stories when they were young, just like old ladies in a nursing home.

It was a cold, sleepy afternoon, early in March. I was walking to a deli around the corner for a cup of coffee when I saw a couple dozens of sewing machines lined up on the sidewalk. I snapped a few shots with my T4. Having some twenty exposures left, I decided to stick my head inside the shop and ask if I could take some pictures. The men smiled and welcomed me in.

Izzy, who brought in an old sewing machine for Soto to repair, gave me a quick tour around the place like it was her own. I followed her around, finished the roll while she explained how amazing each of the machines was. They were old, beautiful and probably had many stories to tell. I wished I had my SLR and a couple more rolls of film with me. Next time, I thought.

A few days later, they were gone.

Here is a larger image of the Singer Double-Stitch machine. I'll post a few more images from this roll soon.

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X-Processed: FlowersMay 15, 2004

I took this short while walking pass a seminary on 20th street. It would probably come out quite nice with straight E-6 process too.
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X-Processed: FlatironMay 14, 2004

After all these years, walking pass the Flatiron Building almost everyday, I still think it is a very interesting building.
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X-Processed: CSFBMay 13, 2004

Considered an Art Deco masterwork, this is one of the beautiful corner arcades of the Credit Suisse/First Boston Building, built as Met Life North Building in 1929. This shot was taken at the corner of Madison Avenue and 24th Street.
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X-Processed: More WineMay 12, 2004

April Showers Means Drink More Wine, the sign said. I walk by Mr. Wright, wine and liquor store on 3rd Avenue, on the way home every night. He always catches my eyes. I have a few more shots of this guy somewhere in the pile as regular E-6 processed slides. Though, I like the color on this one better.
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X-Processed: ManexMay 11, 2004

This shot on my first cross-processed roll came out more like what I expected, greenish. I took this shot while waiting for my lunch at Johnny's, right next to this shop on 25th street. They manufacture display forms and mannequins.
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X-Processed: Window DisplayMay 10, 2004

I just got my first x-processed roll back from the lab today. I decided to try out fredrik's favorite combination, Kodak Elite Chrome cross-processed to C-41. This was scanned from the negative.
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Upper Level ParkingMay 09, 2004

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Photo Friday: PlayMay 08, 2004

They were really into their game. It felt like I wasn't even there at all.
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Spring RainMay 07, 2004

Most people probably wouldn't mind having nice and sunny weather every single day. I have to say, I really enjoy having a gray and rainy day from time to time. It made me calmer and able to think thoroughly. Beside, walking in the rain, sharing an umbrella with a love one is quite romantic.
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One Brave SquirrelMay 06, 2004

I saw this little squirrel at Madison Square Park on my way to work. I was surprised that I was able to get that close with the 35mm lens on my T4. It didn't move an inch.
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Terminal 7 OverpassMay 05, 2004

I had never really liked the greenish cast from fluorescence lights but for this shot, it seemed to be a compliment. This was taken while I was crossing over to terminal 7 at the JFK airport from the Air Train.
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JFK Air TrainMay 04, 2004

Walking around with a camera, taking pictures of everyday things probably made me look like a tourist to many New Yorkers. Though, I've gotten used to it. But, it was funny when many tourists on the Air Train gave me that "what was so interesting about that?" looks.
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Air Train LobbyMay 03, 2004

Finally, I had a chance to take the Air Train to JFK airport for the first time. I took this shot at the Air Train lobby in Queens on the way to pickup my girlfriend, a couple weeks ago.

I had thought about playing around with multiple exposures but never gotten around to it. I shot the first two frames of this roll in the EOS-3 the day before. That morning, I didnít feel like lugging along the SLR, so I took it out and put it in the T4 instead. The result was quite interesting. I will have to try the entire roll next time.

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Paul's ConcessionsMay 02, 2004

Although, I had never made a plan going to a street fair but every time I came across one unexpectedly, I couldn't resist browsing around. This shot was taken at the street fair near Washington Square Park a few weeks ago.
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Photo Friday: NaturalMay 01, 2004

Being natural in front of a crowd isn't something I'm good at. Actually, there were many embarrassing incidents that I'm not willing to share.

On the first Saturday back in NYC, knowing there were countless hours on a computer waiting the coming Monday, I refused to think about it. Instead, I loaded the EOS-3 with a fresh roll of film and headed downtown.

After walking a short stretch of street fair, I ended up in Washington Square Park. Songs after songs, I sat, enjoyed the beautiful afternoon and good old blues. Soul Man was one of my favorites that they played. Life in front of the computer was a world away. Not accepting any donation, I got them a few bottles of water from a vender nearby, the least I could do.

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