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It was early January when I helped Wilhelm, a professional photographer friend, redesign his website. He showed me some of his 6 x 12 chromes he shot on a 4 x 5 camera. They reminded me of the subtle charm and the beautiful flaws that film captures. I'd long forgotten the craving to own a larger than 35mm format camera. Although, he didn't convince me that lugging along a 4 x 5 wherever I go was a good idea, he got me into buying a Yashica Mat 124G on eBay.

It had been a long while since the last time I took a walk with a camera just for fun. Taking time focusing through a ground glass on the Yashica Mat is quite a pleasure. The excitement of getting films back from a photo lab is also hard to beat.

I do love the square format of Yashica Mat but Wilhelm's panoramic chromes still gave me the itch to go wider. I started to look around for an alternative. I found Making Happy while looking for more info on Horizon 202. It opened me up to the world of photobloging. Making Happy along with Carte Blanche Pedicure, Photomo, and smudo.org inspired me to start my own photoblog as an excuse to go out and shoot more. Thanks guys!

I hope this photoblog and others will inspired some of you to go out, shoot, and share. Why are you still here?

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